i've battled left foot pain for the past few years. i should have known that as i trained for a half-marathon in november, this old ailment would rear its annoying self again.

a couple of weeks ago, i started having arch pain in my left foot. then, my left ankle began to feel "weak." i visited my podiatrist (yes, i have one on regular retainer) in hopes of "nipping this thing in the bud" early.

as soon as my doc walked into the examination room, he picked up my flats (which by the way, have rubberized soles) and pretended to throw them out the window. he hates anything thats not tennis shoes. bleh. as i suspected, i have the same problem from before - chronic fascia. my calf muscles are very tight and inflexible which causes the fascia ligament in my foot to overcompensate, thus causing the pain.


it sometimes takes up a year to recover from this. luckily, he said i came to see him early enough so i can still run the half in november, IF i STRICTLY follow his instructions:

1. wear tennis shoes for the next 3 weeks: ok so not necessarily tennis shoes, but shoes with shoe laces, a sturdy sole and a back. umm, so that's my tennis shoes. i don't own any other kind of shoes like that. so for the next 3 weeks, i guess i'm going cas' to work.

2. run only 20 minutes: i balked at this but he reminded me that its the sacrifice i need to make if i want to run the race. its hard because i feel good when i run (it hurts after). 2 measley miles/day. for 2-3 weeks.

3. get good feet insoles: like emmit smith. ok so i admit, bought the insoles a year ago but never put them in my shoes...

4. calf stretches 2-3 times an hour: so that's like every 20 minutes. so hard to remember but i'm tryin'.

i'm doing a few other things on my own too like:

- sleeping with a night splint. its very bulky and uncomfortable but i can feel it working. i can feel the strain on my foot as its immobilized to one position.


- i bought paper cups, filled them with water and put them in the freezer so that i can ice my arch in the evenings.

this better work. i'm doing that race even if i have to crawl to the finish line.