Inner Health, Outer Shine

Photo credit: Sarah Kay Hoffman

{This is my Low FODMAP, Week 2 Recap. Week 1 can be found here.} I just completed the 28-Day Inner Health, Outer Shine program hosted by Sarah and Marissa.

And I’m a bit sad its come to an end.

You see, I had been struggling for over a year, trying to figure out how to recover from IBS and Adrenal Fatigue. And in less than 28 days these ladies put on a path that has me finally seeing results.

I had been doing everything my doctor told me to do. I eliminated corn, soy, dairy, grains and nightshades. I was getting 8 hours of sleep a night. I had cut back on my workout regiment. And while I had made significant progress on the road to recovery, there were some symptoms that I just could not get rid of. I was at loss on what to do.

Then came along these two ladies who shared their wealth of knowledge. Marissa provided daily emails filled with tips words of encouragement and inspiration. Sarah gave me individualized advice on how to manage IBS and Adrenal Fatigue (having dealt with it herself). She introduced me to Low FODMAPs, the complicated, scary program that is helping me heal. Without her recipes and resources I am certain that I would not have been successful with it.

I’m now on my third week of the 4-6 week program. After two weeks I’m still eating much of the same meals I shared last week, adding in this recipe from Sarah. It was perfect for Superbowl Sunday. And I’m feeling better and better each day. Not completely healed, but headed in the right direction. Now that my insides are healing, I feel more confident and find myself smiling a lot more these days.

After completing this program, I feel that I am better able to recognize trigger foods may cause flare-ups. And if I do have a flare-up I now know what to do to recover from it.

I’m so appreciative of everything that they’ve shared and I look forward to always learning more.