Investing In Your Relationships


One of my favorite blogs that I follow is “Thought Questions” (I’ve mentioned them before). I star the most interesting questions in my Google Reader and I’m going to devote Thursday’s to be “Thought Questions Thursday.” where I answer one of these questions.

Question #343 asked, “What Is Your Favorite Quote?”

I have many favorites to choose from, but this one from Determined To Be hit home:

“Don’t ever apologize for investing in your relationships.”

I’ve been thinking about this one for days.

There have been times where I’ve felt that I was more invested in some relationships than others. I’ve wondered if those friendships evolved to become one-sided, which lead to hurt feelings, insecurities and often times difficult conversations. Some of these situations have resulted in stronger relationships, while others ultimately ended.

Each of these situations was a lesson of self-discovery; that maybe my expectations were too high, or we’d become different people and outgrown our friendship. But no matter what, you can’t be sorry for the effort you put forth to invest in your relationships. While I may be sorry for some of the outcomes, I have no regrets for trying to make someone feel like they were an important part of my life.

Isn’t that an awesome quote?!

Today’s Workout:

I attended a training class in South San Jose today and knew I’d probably be brain dead by the time it ended and in no mood to run. So I got up early and decided to get my miles in at 6:30 am. During the summer, I am a 6 am runner, but during the winter, I just can’t do it. Today was my first early morning run of the year.

Its been raining in the Bay Area for the past few days. But I can handle rain, I mean; I ran an entire marathon in pouring rain. But what I can’t handle is rain AND wind.

I bundled up (although it wasn’t that necessary because the temps were in the 40’s – my favorite temps for running) and wore my hat. As long as my face is dry, the rest of me is usually okay. Except it rained a lot harder than I expected. Add the howling wind and it was pretty dreadful. But I managed; running in the snow and 20 degree temps during Christmas vacation was extremely empowering and makes running in the wind and rain not so bad. I just wish I didn’t wear my new shoes (2nd pair of Pearl Izumi syncroFuels).