iPhone OS 3.0

My iPhone manages my life. I cannot live without it. You name it, and I have an app for it. So when Apple announced the new iPhone OS 3.0 last week, I was so excited to see the new features. Apparently, the rest of the world was too.

Apple sure knows how to build the hype around their releases. As soon as I got up this morning, I went straight to the Apple web site to download it. But guess what, it wasn’t there. I immediately went to my primary news source – Twitterville – to find out what was going on.

There were hundreds of tweets by the second just on the OS 3.0. All the buzz said that the upgrade would be available at 10 am Pacific Time. So at 10 am sharp, I went back to apple.com and still nothing. It wasn’t available, at least to me, until 10:30 am.

After spending the day exploring the new features, I like it.

• You can now search the iPhone. For example, I can enter a person’s name and it pulls up everything related to it. • On the Recent Call list, it now lists what number were used (the person’s home, work or cell). It will also list a destination for an unfamiliar number; useful for someone like me who screens calls from any number without a name associated with it. • Landscape – pretty much all the screens flip to landscape now. • The iPod now has a “shake” feature that changes songs when you “shake” it. I like this one much; throws me off when I’m running. • The MLB 2009 app now streams live games. My favorite new feature of all!