It Takes A Stranger….

Tuesday’s Workouts:AM: Dailey Method PM: 7-mile run

I’m not one of those bloggers who only writes about happy things and hides all of the not-so-happy experiences. I’m pretty much a “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” kinda person and I’m famous for wearing my emotions on my sleeve.

So I’m being honest when I say, that after yesterday’s post, I still wasn’t feeling very chirpy. Yesterday I found myself still fighting to have the will to change. And as much as I fought for it, my "poor-is-me attitude" still carried over into Tuesday.

After work, I headed to the track for a run. The weather was perfect – clear skies, 55 degrees with a slight breeze. I wore tights and my Portland Marathon Finisher’s shirt.

As usual, the first 2 miles were tough but there was a lot of activity going on around me so I found myself distracted, watching the girls lacrosse team, track team, kids playing soccer, other runners and walkers, etc.

Once I felt fully warmed up, somewhere around the 3rd mile, I spaced out into a zone that was almost like an out-of-body experience. My body was running but my mind was elsewhere. I paid no attention to my Garmin and would just change directions every time it (silently) beeped (at every mile).

Somewhere around the 5th mile people from a running group started to show up. Though I’ve hardly spoken to any of them, I recognize most of them by now.

As I ran past an older gentleman who was warming up, he stopped me and pointed to my Portland Marathon Finisher’s shirt and proudly told me he had run it in 1980. This brought a huge smile to my face and we had an instant camaraderie.

I told him I had just run the latest one to which he asked how was the weather. When I told him it had rained the entire time, he burst out in laughter. I smiled, wave and continued on to finish the rest of my 7-mile run.

That 30-second encounter made my day. Seriously it did. I’m sure the endorphins helped, but just having that small connection with this fellow really uplifted my spirits and made the blah day a distant memory.

Isn’t it amazing?
What a difference the kindness of others (strangers even!) can make in our day-to-day lives?