January In Review

Things That Happened in January:

• 2 dinners with non-running friends • Spent A LOT of quality time with extended family • Read 1.5 books - almost done with the second one • Flossed every single day (TMI, but a huge personal accomplishment that I'm pretty proud of) • Tried 3 new recipes • Had a pretty balanced fitness month:

- 9 Strength Training Workouts - 13 Yoga classes - 5 Bike Trainer Workouts - 1 Swim Workout - 14 Run Workouts ($88.30 towards my $1/mile fund) - 6 Rest Days - Ran 1 race

Things That Didn't Happen in January:

• Chickened out on my Bike Riding class, postponing it to February • Have yet to run at the track or on a treadmill • Didn't swim enough - 1 workout for the entire month is not acceptable

"A-ha" Moment of the Month:

One of my biggest goals for the year is to better manage my finances, so at the start of the month I revived my Mint.com account and set-up a budget.

Every day - and I do mean every, single day (it's a daily task on my To-Do List) - I logged on to reconcile my daily expenses. Doing this for 31 consecutive days has been a real eye-opener.

I learned that all my money goes to Whole Foods and running-related purchases (surprise, surprise).

And thanks to abnormal purchases like car expenses (smog check, registration fees, 4 new tires), a hair appointment (I only go every 3 months), 2 pairs of new running shoes (okay, so maybe not an abnormal expense), I definitely went over budget this month.

I also learned that I waste a lot of money on impulse purchases like:

• Songs on iTunes • Books for my Kindle from Amazon • Office supplies

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that February is here so that I can stop being "in the red" and start fresh again. That being said, I'm really glad that I started doing this. By the last week of the month I found myself thinking twice about making a purchase.

Thus far, I'm happy with the way the year has started out and hope it continues into February.