Last night I babysat my cousin's 3-year old little girl. She is the smartest, most precocious 3-year old that I know (not that I know a lot of 3-year olds...). One evening with her and I was exhausted. The kid does not keep still for more than 5 seconds. Literally. I'm not kidding. The whole night I was chasing her around trying to keep her from getting into my stuff.

As soon as she walks in, she runs to the fridge and asks for popsicles, soda and ice cream (in that order). Me: I'm sorry, I don't have that kind of food in my house. You can have carrots, strawberries, oranges or watermelon. Jas: I want carrots...

I don't have kid-friendly food in my house, but she likes shrimp, so for dinner, I made shrimp/scallop stirfry: Jas: Oh, 'Omi, I don't like salad.

To her credit, she tried the scallops and vegetables, but as expected, didn't like them. She still had some carrots leftover from her snack so I told her to finish eating them. She wasn't happy with that, or with having to watch the Giants game so she starts quoting Monsters, Inc. VERBATIM. I'm not kidding. When I ask her to stop she yells: Jas: Mike Wazowski, eat your carrots!!!

Upon noticing I have some scrapes on my knees: Jas: What happened 'Omi? Me: I have owies. Jas: Maybe I will get you a band aid tomorrow, ok honey?

She hates to brush her hair but I talk her into putting it on a ponytail: Jas, looking in the mirror: Now I'm Princess Jasmine.

She likes to talk on the phone: Me: Do you want to call Aunty Bobbie (my mom)? Jas: No. We don't call no one. Not the police, no one.

I ask her to pick up her mess: Jas (annoyed, rolling her eyes): Uh, I'm kinda busy right now.

Watching the Giants game: Me: Who's your favorite Giant? Jas: Boo Dodgers! (Her mom is a G's fan, her Dad is a Dodgers fan).

Still watching the Giants game. Its the end of 5th. Bases loaded. 2 outs. Helton at the plate: Me: Come on stupid Zito. Jas: Don't say bad word! Me, after Zito lets a run come score: Damn Zito. Jas: 'Omi, don't say Damn Zito! Me: I didn't Jas: Stop saying bad words!

Ms Gamble called and Jasmine asked to speak to her: Kady: Hi Jasmine! Jas: I'm Kady Kady: Yeah, its Kady, Hi Jasmine! Jas: No! I'm Kady, You're Jasmine! Kady: Uhhhh, ok, Hi Kady... Jas: Hi Jasmine, how are you doing?