Right now, my cousin Jasmine is at a super fun age. She's like a sponge -- absorbs (and repeats) everything she sees and hears. She's very active, can be precocious, always curious, sometimes a little bossy but so entertaining. I wasn't present at this incident, but its too good of a story not to share...

Last Saturday, she attended a baby baptism with her mom and Un-ko. During the ceremony, she walked over to the Confessional and tried to open the door. When she couldn't, she banged and pounded on the door while yelling, "Let me in, Let me in!" This is during the ceremony. :|

After I heard this story, I told Jasmine, "You know Jazzy, only naughty girls go to confessional..." She just looked at me and said (while swiping at me), "No 'Omi, No!" Hey Swiper, no swiping!