jet lag

its 5:25 am and i've been up for 2 hours. this is after going to bed at 11 pm last night. my body clock is very confused!

i landed in san francicso early yesterday evening. despite a few hours of sleep on the plane, i was grossly disturbed throughout the 11+ hour flight by the foul body odor of the certain foreigner sitting next to me. this has not been an uncommon experience on this trip and one never gets use to to it :\

i did doze off a few times so when i landed in the bay i had a sudden burst of energy, so thrilled to be home! My family picked me up and had a huge meal planned for me with all my favs - broccoli, asparagus, draegers salad, bbq ribs...RICE! i think i ate more last night than i did in the past week in europe!

it was relaxing to see the saturday night crew - watch football, get caught up on the latest happenings. most of all, it was fun to see sparky slowski! i think she grew but shari said she's only 19.9 lbs. she now loves to give hugs and had plenty to share with me!

i lasted till about 10 pm then had to call it a night. I came home, took an ambien and went straight to bed, only to be wide awake by half pass 3 this morning. i guess this is how it will be for about the next week. for whatever reason, it is much easier on my body for me to travel west to east, than from east to west. why is that? does anyone know?