Jonesing for a Fix

I've been down for the count for the past 2 days, sick with a head cold. I haven't run or done any kind of workout since my Monday morning run. That means I skipped: * Yoga Tune-Up on Monday night * Free Weights Class on Tuesday * Strength & Conditioning / Core Class on Wednesday * Run on Wednesday night

I'm semi-proud of myself for listening to my body, and it was screaming at me that it was rundown and needed rest. A year ago I would have fought through the sick and pushed myself to the limit. But 2 days of inactivity had me going stir crazy.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and headed to the gym. No, I didn't workout, but I did sit in the whirlpool for 15 minutes and the steam room for another 15 minutes, hoping it would clear up some of the congestion. It helped.

Before I left, I sat on the steps of the pool and watched the swimmers. I like to watch other people's workouts to see what things I can pick up from them that will help me improve my form. As I sat there I visualized my next swim (which will hopefully be tomorrow morning), and tried to mentally prepare myself for it. Just being there helped me to get my fitness fix. Being cooped up in the sick house is depressing; being able to get out and get some fresh air helped me to feel a ton better.

I'd been looking forward to do an interval run today and a tempo run tomorrow, but its not likely to happen. I don't want to push it and cause a relapse. Someone once told me that during the week I should run at least half the amount of miles that I run for a long weekend run. Since I'm still hoping to get 15 miles in on Saturday, the plan is to do an easy 3 miles tomorrow which will put me 8.5, just past the midway point.

Crossing my fingers it all works out...