Just What I Needed...

I had a perfect Labor Day weekend. Why? Because I had no plans, nothing scheduled whatsoever. I didn't have to worry about being late or people waiting for me (as is usually the case). Everything I did was on my own time, at my own leisure. So relaxing. I only had three things I wanted to do this weekend:

1. Get quality workouts in 2. Don't eat too badly (weekends are my weakness) 3. Do some Fall shopping

I love this marquee!

Workouts Saturday morning's workout was one of my best I'd had in a long time. I think its because I actually got a decent night's sleep (8 whole hours). I planned to swim all weekend since I hadn't during the week. Luckily, I got out to the pool early enough before the neighbor kids took over. I planned to swim laps for 30 minutes, but lost track of time and ended up swimming for 45 minutes. Swimming is so peaceful and relaxing that I don't even think of it as a workout! But since I'm probably not going back to swim classes till the end of the month, I need to have more structure to my swim workouts. As of today, I can get 6-7 freestyle laps in without needing to stop for a break. I think that's ok considering that two and a half months ago I didn't even know how to swim. My current goal is to just build endurance which I find challenging with controlled breathing.

After my swim, I had to get in a 6-mile run (according to my New Balance training plan). I set out for my run about 10 minutes after swimming. I normally head to the trails for runs longer than 4 miles but this time decided to stay in my neighborhood. Knowing that the sun was about to break out, I ran the first three miles on the unshaded path and then finished the last three and a half on the shaded side. I felt so good during the run, I didn't realize I had hit six miles and ran an extra half mile.

Sunday's entire workout was spent in the pool - 30 minutes of aqua-jogging and 30 minutes of freestyle laps. Quick and simple. If you ever want to work your legs, I highly recommend aqua-jogging. It doesn't feel like a workout when you're running in the pool, but trust me, the next day you will feel leg muscles hurting that you never knew existed. Two days later and they're still sore! One tip - running in the pool will scuff your feet so get some swim shoes. I've gotten much flack from friends for my swim shoes, but yeah, I don't really care.


Today's workout was a repeat of Saturday's, just shorter. 30-minute swim and a run. Instead of measuring my run by distances, I just ran for 45-minutes. It was supposed to be a really easy run (I was aiming for 10:30-min/mile) but I have no ability to pace myself. I really need to work on this. I tried listening to slower music, but I just couldn't do it and switched to back to my Burn List and regular pace. In the end, I ran just under 4.5 miles. My legs were hurting, not good since I'm running hills tomorrow...

Eats So if you don't count:

* The nachos I had at the movies on Friday, or the Pancho Villa burrito bowl I had after the movies... * The Ghirardelli sundae I had on Saturday night... * The Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Storm at Nordstrom (my favorite) on Sunday... * Or the Yogurtouille fro-yo I had today...


then I did pretty good! Can you tell I have a weakness for cold desserts? No more sugar for me for the rest of the week...(my homemade fruit/soy smoothies don't count).

Fall Shopping I dedicated my whole Sunday to shopping. Alone. And I was so excited for it. I could shop and peruse at my own pace, in any store I wanted. And I did. And had the best time doing so! I found so many worthy items, but unfortunately, I had no ability to put together any type of outfit whatsoever. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just couldn't do it. So other than a few necessities (Citizens), it was a disappointing shopping day. The most exciting thing I got was a new journal (I really like school supplies, weird, I know).

But the big fail inspired me to clean out my closet - literally - so I could reintroduce myself to the clothes I already have and get rid of the stuff I don't use anymore. A very productive exercise. (Oh I also promptly went out and purchased the new Elle and Vogue, and watched all three episodes of the new season of Project Runway.)

This next week is going to be really busy, but if I can just get through the next four days, I have a nice little vacation waiting for me at the end. Yay! ...and in honor of the upcoming season premiere of Gossip Girl (my favorite show ever), I'll be signing everything for the next 7 days as...

...you know you love me...xoxo