Karma, Jinxes and Baseball Gods

I believe in karma, jinxes and baseball gods. Back in 2010, the SF Giants were the third team in baseball, behind the Cubs and Indians, with the longest drought of a World Series championship. None won in San Francisco.

To say that the fan base was desperate was an understatement. I prayed to the baseball gods. Over and over and over again for one, just ONE.

We came close in 2002 but had our hearts ripped out in one of the most devastating sports moments I've ever experienced. So when we were fortunate enough to get another opportunity in 2010 I promised the baseball gods that if we were blessed with just ONE, I would never ask them for anything ever again.

Well we got our one. And it was a glorious experience I'll never, ever forget.

Now, just two seasons later, the G's are back in the World Series. The opportunity to win another one? Two in three years?! It's almost too much to process, but the chemistry, the particles, the karma if you will; going on with this team actually makes it a real possibility. But this time around, it's a different feeling. At least for me it is.

Back in 2007 I attended a conference in Boston that happened to be during the World Series featuring the Red Sox and Rockies. At that conference I met a woman, a local resident who said, "I mean, I know it's the World Series, but it's just not the same as 2004." I wanted to throttle her. I was so annoyed that she seemed ungrateful for the opportunity for her team to have a second championship in four years when I was so desperate for my team to just get ONE.

But now I get it. She wasn't ungrateful at all. Yes, it's still thrilling and exciting and something that should never, EVER be taken for granted. But the feeling is different.

The passion is there, the desperation is not. This time around I can enjoy it a little bit more; it's so much more FUN.

At the 2010 World Series parade I said that anything else that happened from there on out would just be gravy.

And right now gravy never tasted so good.