Keeping Things Loose

Workout: AM: Rest PM: 10K run

I fully intended to take a Dailey Method class this morning, but I woke up with painfully sore shoulders and triceps from yesterday's Core and Yoga classes. I couldn’t face doing more planks and chaturanga’s so I skipped class and stayed in bed reading blogs instead.

After work I went to one of the local high school tracks for a simple 10K run. I’ve been doing my weekday runs on the track for 5 months now and I truly believe it’s been a key factor in keeping my body in better shape than the last training period I went through. With only 5 ½ weeks till the marathon, I’m still feeling pretty good compared to where I was at this time last Fall (fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx myself).

A few posts ago I mentioned some foot pain that I’ve been experiencing. Well I’ve been doing my stretches, wearing sneakers every day (yes, even to work) and have been using the boot to sleep. It’s helped and so far the foot issue has been manageable.

I’ve also had the usual tight, achy muscles in the typical problem areas; i.e., hip flexors, quads, glutes. Besides yoga, I’ve also been using TP Therapy products.

The Grid has been great to use on both my upper and lower back, as well as the area where the hamstrings meet the glutes.


The other products I got in a kit:


The Massage Ball has been wonderful for my glutes, hip flexors, shoulder blades, etc. It’s awkward to use them, but once you figure out an effective position, it really does wonders.

Besides my quads, I also use the Quadballer for my IT bands, and my favorite is the Footballer and Building Block that I use for my calves.

These products aren’t for the faint-hearted. They are painful to use, especially if your muscles are super tight, like mine, but they really do provide relief. They’re also costly, but I’ve found that it’s been a good investment and much cheaper than doctor and physical therapy visits!