Kicking Off the New Year

After being away for 11 days, I’m finally back home, which means NOW I can start the New Year. In my last post I wrote about values that I want to focus on for 2011, but let’s face it, there are tactical things that, while not necessarily “big” goals, still things that I need to do more of, so why not start now.

• Be on time • Eat more natural sugar, less processed sugar • Read more books, less magazines • Blog more consistently and with heart • Practice yoga at least weekly • Floss • Get at least 7 hours of sleep • Do core exercises daily • Run new routes • More pool time (for workouts and relaxing) • Pray • Shop less, $ave more • Relinquish relationships that have run their course, recommit to the ones that are still important • Clean out receipts and go paperless with bills

I’m sure there will be more added to the list, but this is plenty to start with. The good news is that I already started working on this before the holidays and now need to get back on track.

Today I focused on “Run new routes” and “Recommit to relationships that are still important.”

Wendy, one of my closest friends (and college roommate) and I had not been able to hang out since we celebrated her birthday…last September! Unacceptable! But with both of our schedules, then the holidays, we really didn’t have a common time to meet.

So about a month ago, we scheduled today on our calendars to celebrate Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas, New Year’s and anything else we may have missed. It’s kinda sad that we actually had to book hang out time on our calendars, but I’m glad that we did. It was great to visit and reconnect with her and her family.


But I also had 8-miles on my schedule. I thought about getting up and running my usual route before heading to Wendy’s, but I woke up later than I’d wanted to. Not wanting to skip the run, I packed my run stuff and mapped out a route in her neck of the woods. Nothing like tackling “run new routes” for the first run of the year!

It was raining, but the forecast said there was less chance of showers in the afternoon, so we went to lunch. That’s where I made some bad choices. Like having pork wontons for an appetizer, then having mashed potatoes and pot roast with gravy. Don’t get me wrong – it was delish! But not the best choice for a pre-run meal.

Granted, I didn’t start running until a few hours later, during the last moments before sunset, and boy, I felt the meal with every step that I took. I was miserable. I tried to zone out, immerse myself into music, get deep in thought, but nothing took take my mind off of how terrible my stomach felt. It made me not want to drink anything, which made me develop a headache.

Around Mile 4 or 5 I contemplated calling to be picked up, but I knew I would be so mad at myself if I did. So I forced myself to keep going, every miserable mile till the end. Once I was done, I was so happy that I didn’t quit, but swore I would only eat oatmeal for a pre-run meal again.

How’s that for the first run of the year?