Laundry Tip for Sweaty Workout Clothes

I keep a daily journal to highlight things that happened during my day, mostly as part of my training log. I rarely turn them into blog posts, but I'm so excited (and I mean REALLY excited!) about a laundry tip that I tried this evening and I had to share it. I could have rewritten it into a more appropriate blog post, but I'm too lazy. So here it is: unedited, straight from my head to my journal, copy and pasted here (at least I used spell check):

I had every intention of going to the 6 am Shift 'n Lift class at 24-hr Fitness. But I just couldn't get out of bed. Lately, Monday mornings are so hard for me to get going. I think I need to try to be in bed by 8 pm on Sunday nights just to get mentally ready for Monday mornings.

I could have gotten on the Bike Trainer, but I didn't feel like it. I do give myself points for doing my PT exercises. I did Routine #2 (minus the Towel Curls).

My L Achilles was a little bit achy today, which is unusual since it's been 6 days since I did hill repeats. I did run up JFK Drive in GGP yesterday but I don't think that would have been the culprit since I've done that a tons of times before without it bothering me. The only other time I felt this was the last time I did hill repeats up Grundy - oh, 2 summers ago?! Maybe it takes a full 6 days for my body to absorb the workout?!

I did make it to a Bikram class tonight, which I think will be good for the Achilles. Class was extra crowded but thankfully I was next to a cool girl who had a proper sized towel, and whose sweat didn't fly everywhere. I was on the end so she was the only one next to me.

Because class was so crowded, it was extra sweaty. I pushed myself on all the difficult poses especially Fixed Firm and Camel. When I felt panicky or resistant, I just tried to remind myself to relax into the pose and let it come to me. I didn't make any significant progress on any of the poses, but I left class feeling cleansed.

Lately, my workout clothes have started to have the "sweat stench" even after laundering. I had heard the tip of adding vinegar to the wash so I googled it. The results that I read all said to add the vinegar to the "last wash cycle." I have no idea what that is and I wasn't about to stand next to the washer waiting to figure it out. So instead, I asked a Twitter friend who had mentioned that she washes her workout clothes with vinegar. She told me to add a cup of white vinegar to the load, with the detergent at the beginning of the wash. So I did and what do you know - stinky smells be gone!