AM: Spin / Core

PM: Laziness

I was supposed to go to yoga tonight, but I had a terrible headache after work and just couldn’t bring myself to go. Instead, I came home, ordered Chinese takeout (only because they delivered), then plopped on the couch to watch a Tim Lincecum special (10 K's! - meaning strikeouts, not distance).

So that makes a missed run last Thursday, missed yoga tonight and 2 rest days within 3 days. I’m not used to this. I feel so lazy....

Today was the Boston Marathon and sadly, I missed 99% of it. All I saw was the very end of the women’s race as I rushed out the door to work. I meant to follow it online, but I was too swamped at work trying to catch up from being on PTO last Friday.

But it did remind me of a funny story...

I’ve been to Boston a few times - mostly for work, but my first visit was a baseball vacation.

My cousin Shari and I decided we wanted to walk the Freedom Trail. I don't remember why, but we were intent on seeing the site of the Boston Massacre. The map that we had numbered the notable sites along the trail, but we couldn’t find where the Boston Massacre number was. We backtracked several times before finally asking for help.

The tour guide that we asked laughed and pointed to a manhole in the middle of an intersection... “What. That was it?” we asked? To which he responded, “What did you expect, blood?”

This is me, circa about 8 yrs ago, standing on that infamous site me...


...looking at this is motivation enough to break the lazy and get back on track!

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