Looking On The Bright Side...

It's only Monday and my plans for the week have already changed. I had my alarm set for 5 am so that I could be at the pool for a swim by 5:45 am. When it rang I said, "Umm no..." turned it off and went back to sleep. That is 2 mornings in a row of not being able to get up for my workout. On Saturday night I didn't get to bed until after 2 am, well past my 9 pm week day bed time. It's taken me 2 days to recover from it. I know....

But hey, I did do a full set of my PT exercises - that counts for something right?

When I got to the office I opened Outlook to find an email that said, "Today is the final day to upgrade your OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. It will take 2-5 hours." There went my afternoon...

While watching my laptop make the upgrade (it was like watching paint dry), I exchanged emails (thank goodness for smartphones!) with my PT before she left to go out of town. Over the weekend I had sent her frantic messages about the bruising after our session last Friday. She said:

The bruise is following normal progression. Keep up with the management - I'm not worried about it, since we are trying to evoke a change in the system. And your body will be healing that all, which is the objective.

Then I updated her on how the weekend run went. She didn't like what I had to report:

I am sorry to hear that your numbness is continuing. I really don't want to you push it with that - and it sounds like it is interrupting your runs. You could try to give it a few days of rest to feel better. I would miss a few runs in order to let everything feel better - and again - you have the mileage, you have the conditioning for a 13.1. I would rather push it later in the month after giving it some time to feel better. Lets limit you to upper body and core for the week. Keep working on the stretching and the self-release to that piriformis.

So basically I am limited to swimming with a pull buoy, yoga - provided I feel no numbness, and upper body and core strength training. Blah.

I was really sad for about an hour but then I got over it. I'd rather be well and run stronger later than run hurt and gimpy now.

When I got home I decided I needed to treat myself to a nice dinner. I went to my list of "Recipes I Need to Try" and found this Gluten-Free Popcorn Chicken Recipe. However, I didn't have any chicken, so I substituted it for shrimp. Since shrimp cooks much faster than chicken, I drop the oven temperature to 300 degrees and cooked it for 20-min. It turned out perfectly. I ate it on a bed of spinach with some quinoa.

It's going to be an interesting week. I have not done any workouts solely focused on the upper body in a long time, but I have been wanting to. I mean, who doesn't want sculpted arms, right? :) It's going to hurt and I'm going to be sore...but I have a feeling I'll love it.