Looking to 2011

Looking to 2011, I plan to… Have Focus Like many others, I have the same goals for 2011: eat healthy, lose a few lbs, save money…you know the usual ones. But this year, I’m trying a new approach by looking at the “big picture.”

I’ve begun working on a 3-year plan, somewhat of a Bucket List, of the things I REALLY want to accomplish during this time. Its still a work in progress, but once I've identified the goal, I’m breaking down the steps that it will take for me to achieve it and seeing what can be done this year. It’s these things that I need to focus on this year.

Be Passionate As I mentioned in my last post, 2010 was a lost year for me. This year, I am determined to “have my head in the game” and find the passion in life again. So how do I do that? I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past month, and there are several simple ways that I think will work for me.

- Keep things fun: Don’t stress about the details. Remember why I love whatever it is that I’m doing and enjoy the moment.

- Try new things: Running new routes, attempt new recipes, exploring new adventures in the City.

- Remember: maintain a perspective of the “big picture.”

Achieve Balance When I find something I love, I tend to get obsessive about it (and eventually crash and burn). On the opposing end of the spectrum, I tend to give the things I don’t love (but still have to deal with), too much power over me. Finding a balance is tricky, but doable, and I think it begins with de-cluttering.

- Do something about the people and things that do not make me happy. Instead of repeatedly complaining, take action to rectify the problem. This could result in major life changes, but I am willing to make them.

- Embrace the people and things that do make me happy.

- And then there are the little things, like: unsubscribe from those emails that I never read. (I’ve already unsubscribed from those 5+ daily email newsletters from WebMD). Bottom line – get rid of the clutter that can bog me down.

If I can apply these values in my relationships, work, finances, health and fitness, I know that 2011 will be the year of renewal that I hope for!