Low FODMAPS, Week 1

Last week’s workouts weren’t much to write about. The week focused on (mental and physical) recovery from the Foster City 10-mile race. Yes, I needed a week to recover from a 10-mile race. Its humbling.

So instead a weekly workout recap, I’m recapping my first week on the Low FODMAPs program.


About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with IBS and Adrenal Fatigue, and have been trying to find the best way to recover from it. I opted to focus on holistic care vs pumping drugs into my body. My doctors (PCP and holistic) conducted tests that indicated that my body did not process soy, dairy, wheat and corn. These foods contributed to my symptoms. So I eliminated those foods. In fact I eliminated grains all together and followed a mostly Paleo diet.

While I felt so much better, there were still some symptoms that didn’t go away. But I was well enough to get the green light to train for a marathon last Fall, which in hindsight I wasn’t ready for yet. As I mentioned in this post, the stress of marathon training and holiday sweets set me back. My digestive system went into a tailspin - again.

At around this time Sarah announced a 28-Day Inner Health, Outer Shine Group Program that she and Marissa were holding. I had been following Sarah’s blog for a long time. She suffers from digestive diseases and has made it her life’s mission to educate herself and others on ways to heal from them. She was also recently diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. So I thought I’d be able to pick up some tips and advice from her and Marissa and the other women in the group.

I shared my background and how I was trying to follow an Adrenal Fatigue recovery diet and it wasn’t working. She recommended starting with the Low FODMAPS diet and focusing on dealing with IBS first.

I spent the first few days reading up on it and it was overwhelming. It was a lot of scientific jargon that I didn’t (and kinda still don’t) understand. But Sarah armed me with a few key but simple resources that spelled everything out for me.

The biggest eye opener for me was that all the foods I had been eating were foods that I shouldn’t have been. Apples, almonds (including almond milk and almond butter), sweet potatoes, etc were on the “no” list. No wonder I still wasn’t fully recovered - these were my primary foods! Yes they are healthy foods, but not recommended when recovering from IBS.

So I decided to give Low FODMAPS a try. I fumbled through a few days of not knowing what to eat. I was lost, overwhelmed and hungry all-the-time. This was harder than Whole 30 and it wasn’t even close! Thankfully I had Sarah to learn on. She armed me with meal suggestions and recipes that I assembled into my weekly meal plan.

Here’s what Week 1 looked like:

Mon, 1/19: Breakfast: Ground beef sauteed in coconut oil with kale, arugula and spinach Lunch: Tuna on butter lettuce wrapped in nori Snack: Sarah’s smoothie Dinner: Lemon basil spaghetti squash with macadamia nut cream salmon Snack: Bone Broth Before Bed: 2 hard boiled egg whites (I eat a bit of protein an hour before bed to regular my blood sugar which was also off-balance.)

Tues, 1/20: Breakfast: Same as Monday Snack: Sarah’s smoothie with cacao nibs/powder and cinnamon added Lunch: Roasted chicken sauteed in coconut oil with kale, arugula and spinach Snack: Bone Broth Dinner: Same as Monday Before Bed: Monday

Wed, 1/21: Breakfast: Same as Tuesday Lunch: Smoothie- same as Tuesday + ½ banana Dinner: Same as Tuesday Before Bed: Same as Tuesday +: Bone Broth

Thurs, 1/22: Breakfast: Roasted chicken sauteed in coconut oil with kale, arugula and spinach Lunch: Same as breakfast Snack: Smoothie Dinner: Beef stir fry (carrots, sprouts, bok choy, ginger, coconut aminos) Before Bed: Same as Wednesday

Fri, 1/23: Breakfast: Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes Snack: Smoothie - substituted blueberries with pineapple Lunch: Beef stir fry Snack: Hard boiled egg white + a slice of smoked salmon Dinner: Beef stir fry Before Bed: Same as Thursday

Sat, 1/24: Breakfast: Paleo Banana Pancakes Lunch: Lemon Pepper Tuna on butter lettuce wrapped in nori + smoked salmon Snack: Hemp Seed Flatbread + Plantain Poppers Dinner: Beef stir fry Before Bed: Same as Friday

Sun, 1/25: Breakfast: Banana + Plantain Poppers Snack: Smoothie Lunch: Hemp Seed Flatbread + Plantain Poppers Dinner: The Counter Burger Bowl Before Bed: Same as Saturday

Summary / Thoughts:

+ Yes I repeat the same meals a lot. While this doesn’t work for many, it works for me - cost and time effective.

+ My body responded so well! After YEARS I finally say the bloat reduced - almost immediately.

+ That is until I ate the paleo pumpkin pancakes. I assumed that pumpkin was on the approved list but its not and my gut told me this immediately. It was a setback and it took me a couple of days to get it out of my system but once I did the improvements continued.

+ After just one week I’m a believer. Its recommended to stay on this program for 4-6 weeks. It will be a challenge but after seeing improvements after just one week I’m committed to this.