Lulu Love

Wednesday night means a Tattersols workout (running club). When I got home from work, I plopped down on my couch to watch the World Series and inhaled a bowl of Erin Baker's Double Dark Chocolate Chunk granola. I was so tempted to blow-off run club and just lie there all tonight. I just wasn't feeling it...

-- My abs hurt from my morning workout -- It was already getting dark -- I was tired -- This game could be the last of the baseball season

Then I thought of all the reasons why I should go...

-- I just ate about 250 calories worth of sugared granola -- I really need to get a speed workout in this week and there's no way I'm going to do it on my own -- I paid to join this club so I shouldn't let my money go to waste ** After tonight's workout is a field trip to Lululemon **

That last reason was enough for me to jump up off the couch, put on my Lulu workout clothes and head out to the track! Running + shopping = heaven! :)

Well the track workout was great but brutal. You can read about it here. Now to the shopping part...

Its a well-documented fact that I am a Lululemon fan. More like an addict. Some of my friends even call me "NJ-Lulu."

-- I follow their blog -- Am a Facebook fan -- Follow them on Twitter -- Subscribe to their weekly emails (plus the weekly emails from all the stores in the regional area) -- Surf their web site daily -- Go to their free classes

...pretty much a groupie. And why not? Their products are awesome and they promote an entire culture of "living a longer, healthier and more fun life." I love their manifesto. I have it on my fridge at home, on my wall at work and even my water bottle!


The run club was getting new team gear so we had some pre-selected items to choose from that would be embroidered with the team logo. Its a sad thing when I already own most of the items that we could choose from, so I picked out the two things I don't have:

Cool racerback 1220_black_l_t

Shape jacket 1011_white_l_t

Some of my other favorite items are:

-- Groove pants - reversible, great for yoga -- Running pants - has a special fabric over the calves, form-fitting for running -- Dress - great for lounging on the weekend (mine is in black) -- Wrist thing - I use this whenever I run outdoors, holds my keys/ID 1 -- Run Speed shorts - great for running -- Run Swiftly Tee - also great for running, but I must admit, I've worn it to work too, super soft

A friend of mine told me she had a party at the Union Street store a few years ago, so I asked the manager if they would do it at the Burlingame store too. She said they hadn't before but she'd be all for it -- they love to have parties (just another reason to love them!). I am seriously considering having my birthday party there next month...I mean, a Lulu store is like my Disneyland -- the happiest place on earth! And just how cute are these Lulu treats?!