Maintenance Mode

Since I last blogged over 2 1/2 weeks ago, I started running again: 7/5: 3-miles 7/7: 4-miles 7/8: 5-miles 7/10: 4-miles 7/12: 5-miles

To say it's been humbling is an understatement. After taking 12 days off, not just from running, but also from any and all lower body workouts, I found that I really lost a lot of fitness. The Upper Body Strength Training and Swimming was great, but not the same thing.

For the most part my legs have been holding up pretty well. I can feel a difference in my stabilizing muscles, so all the PT exercises that I'm doing (I haven't missed a day of doing them since June 8th!) is paying off. I'm still working through a few things in the IT Band/Knee area, but I'm told it's to be expected because the inflammation has subsided and the fascia has moved around so "things" need to readjust. No one from my Support Team seems to be concerned so I'm not either.

But my endurance - well, that's another story. I can't remember the last time I felt like my lungs would explode just running 4-miles. Gah. The first 3 runs back were horrible. But as of this week, it's seems to be getting better.

On another note, come this weekend I'm putting this into Maintenance Mode.

One of my summer bucket list items is to learn the basic fundamentals of Web Design. I've been taking a fantastic online course and I'm going to "attempt" to redo this blog entirely on my own this weekend. And by "on my own" I mean, my own coding, graphics, everything. Scary!

I have no idea how long it will take me, or if I can even pull it off, but we'll see what happens! Wish me luck and stay tuned!