March Recap, April Goals

So going on a 10-dayvacation kinda put a big damper in my March goals. March Recap

Here's a rundown of how March went:

+ Practice 20-min of Yoga or Pilates every day

So I practiced Yoga and/or Pilates 12 out of the 31 days in March. Not even half of my goal. But I'm okay with this because I returned to attending studio classes (on vacation no less!) and even signed up for a new studio after I got home from my trip.

And of the 12 days, the total time for March still calculated out to be 735 minutes, or 12.25 hrs.

+ Track every dollar I spend

Vacation = spending money so a big fat fail on this one. This was a repeat from February because I failed to follow through with it then too. I think I'm dropping this one moving forward. As of right now, is sufficient enough for me.

+ Eat More / Try New Veggies

I didn't try any new vegetables, but I did eat a lot more Brussels sprouts!

Will Run for Brussels Sprouts!
Will Run for Brussels Sprouts!

However, my attempt to eat vegetarian a certain number of days per week was a big fat fail.

So although I was on vacation the first two weeks of March, I did eat vegetarian one day during each week. I found was that despite eating full meals and snacks, I was hungry the entire day - both times. I could not eat enough food to fill me.

After the second week I decided that I wasn't meant to be a vegetarian. Perhaps I was too ambitious and should have attempted to eat one vegetarian meal a day vs. an entire day. Maybe I'll still try that, but it's not going to be a goal that I measure moving forward.

April Goals

So onto April...

+ Continue daily meditation

So a secret goal I had in March was to start meditating. Yesterday I concluded the 21-day Meditation Challenge by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Choprah. It was a very uplifting experience.

Meditation is (slowly) teaching me how to calm my mind. I've been practicing it first thing the mornings when I wake up and it really sets a nice tone for the day.

Now that the Challenge has concluded, I'm a little nervous not to have guided meditation sessions, but it's a practice I really want to continue with.

+ Attend at least 2 Pilates/Yoga classes per week

I still want to practice Pilates and/or Yoga daily, but I want to avoid the burn out I experienced last year from going to too many classes. But there is a lot of value in practicing in an instructor-led session vs. at home so I want to commit to attending at least two classes per week. It's also a way to ensure I'm not wasting my studio membership.

+ Journal Daily

I love journaling but these days my penmanship is horrible. My hand tires so quickly when writing. I recently discovered an online journaling tool called "Penzu." I've been using it to journal and really like its usability. Journaling has gone hand-in-hand with meditating and likewise, is a practice I want to continue.

+ Run without my Garmin or music twice a week (and not necessarily together)

I usually have two easy runs per week where I don't have target paces or distances. I plan to leave either my Garmin and/or my iPod Shuffle home on these runs. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) it's just nice to run without the constant feedback or noise.

Since I'm more or less already practicing these goals, hopefully I'll be a lot more successful with them than I was with my March goals.