My 16th Californiaversary

golden gate bridge
golden gate bridge

I used to celebrate the anniversary of my move to the Bay Area by calling it my "San Franciscoversary."

Except I've never lived in San Francisco proper...

So when I heard Kimra refer to the anniversary of her move as her "Californiaversary" I decided it was more appropriate.


After 16 years I still sometimes have to pinch myself that I live here.

When you grow up on a small Hawaiian island like I did, living near the big city can feel daunting. But over the years I've been able to build a community that's been as large or small as I've needed it to be.

So what do I love most about living in the Bay?

My list can go on forever, but the top of mind ones are...

- That I live near iconic places that I read about in books or saw on television or in movies. Muir Woods, Berkeley, Big Sur are just short drives away...

- That I get to go SF Giants games all summer long and not bake in heat...

- That I can see the brand new 49er stadium from my office...

- That I get to run across this majestic bridge whenever I want (and I still get butterflies every time...)

- And that Karl the Fog is {almost} always here providing mild to chilly weather 95% of the year.

And even though its so expensive - SO EXPENSIVE - to live here, there is no other place I'd rather call home.