My 5-year Blogiversary!

Back in college I was famous for going on random tangents, jumping from topic to unrelated topic within seconds. No one could ever follow my thought process, which apparently made me quite (unintentionally) entertaining. It’s also how this little blog – that turned 5 years old on Saturday -- got its name.

I still remember sitting in bed early on a weekend morning setting it up on Blogger. I was headed to Europe for three weeks by myself and wanted set-up a blog to keep friends and family updated on my travels. {Facebook wasn't all the rage yet.}

My very first post was about the Ghirardelli Guy at AT&T Park.

Summer nights in San Francisco are so cold and there is nothing better to warm you up than a nice cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate!

But back then the Ghirardelli guys were a rarity at the ballpark. I used to spend entire games searching for them in the stands. Just as my luck would have it, they would always show up in the 9th inning - too late!

As you can see, I am still very fond of Ghirardelli's hot chocolate...


And thankfully, these days there are more Ghirardelli guys to be found roaming the friendly confines of the Virgin Atlantic Club Level.


And, let's not forget the $9.50 Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate sundaes...


But seriously...

I may not always (or ever) have profound words of wisdom or advice. I’m not an “expert” on anything really, and would never pretend to be one.

All I can (and want) to do is share my thoughts and experiences.

And I’m always amazed that even one person finds what I write about interesting. So thanks to all of you who keep coming back and reading the nonsense that I write.

And as promised from yesterday’s post… Today’s workout:

A 40-minute (1625-meter Swim) at 6:00 am (and I even had to wait 15-minutes for a lane to open up!) to the surfing tunes of Kalapana, Ka’au Crater Boys and Butch Helemano. How’s that for some Monday Motivation?!