My First Green Smoothie

I've always been skeptical of green smoothies. I've never seen one that looked appetizing so how tasty could they possibly be? Perhaps my skepticism came from seeing a Jamba Juice worker cutting grass with a regular scissors to blend into a shot drink. Or when I asked someone at Jamba Juice who drank one of the grass shots how it tasted they said, "Like dirt." Either way, I have never been obliged to add veggies to my smoothies.

My usual smoothie always consisted of a banana, soy milk, protein powder, flax or chia seeds and frozen strawberries. But after drinking this daily for a few years I got tired of it and took a break from smoothies all together.

Last week I had my regular monthly meeting with my nutritionist, Danielle. She had gotten a Vitamix for Christmas and was telling me about all the wonderful green smoothies (among other things) she's made with it.

And now I want one - a Vitamix that is...

Anyhow, she convinced me to give green smoothies try and shared the recipe of one her favorites. So in the spirit of the New Year, I ventured into unknown territory and gave it a shot this morning:

Pre-Blended Green Smoothie
Pre-Blended Green Smoothie

+ Spinach (she used Kale. I hate Kale so she said I could substitute Spinach) + Cucumbers + Fresh Mint + Lime Juice + Frozen Strawberries + Frozen Pineapple Chunks + Zico Coconut Water

I didn't measure anything, just grabbed handfuls of each.

This is what it looked like blended:

Blended Green Smoothie
Blended Green Smoothie

It didn't taste like dirt!

I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful and refreshing (the mint!) it was! It made two glassfuls and it was a great mid-morning snack to tie me over between breakfast and lunch.

Now I want to experiment with all kinds of other fruits and veggies - any suggestions?!