My Fitness Pal

My favorite time to blog is at the end of the day, after I’ve cleaned up, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I like to climb into my bed and write a post to end my day. But good lord, I was exhausted last night. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So, since today is a rest day, I’m lounging around this morning and making up for lost blogging time!

Today marks one week since I’ve started using My Fitness Pal. It’s a calorie counting web site that I use to track my diet. I know a lot of people hate calorie counting because it takes so much work, but for me, it’s worth it. It helps me:

- Stay aware of what I’m eating - Track how balanced my diet is - Make wise choices (most of the time)

My diet tends to shift; depending on what fitness cycle I’m on. For example, if I’m training for a marathon, I’ll switch to a more carb-loaded diet during the last 2/3rds of the training cycle. But during the first 1/3rd of the cycle, and during non-training times, I’ll switch my diet to be more protein-based.

Prior to discovering My Fitness Pal, I’ve used CalorieKing and Daily Burn to track what I ate. While I loved both, I found CalorieKing too expensive (last time I checked it was $70 USD per year) and Daily Burn too complicated and unstable.

After a week of use, this is my assessment of My Fitness Pal:

- It’s free - Clean looking web site - Easy to use - Good food database. But if you’re food is not listed, you can easily add it. - If you’re like me and eat a lot of the same things every day, it’s easy to record previously eaten food. - Adequate exercise database. Lacks some basic strength/weight training exercises, but like food, they can easily be added. However, there’s no option to add in calorie burn. - There’s a feature to “close out the day” where it calculates what your weight will be in “x” number of weeks if you keep up that day’s diet. - They have reporting features, but after just a week, I haven’t explored it much. Yet. - While I don’t use them, they have social media features, as well as a discussion board. - KEY Feature: They have an iPhone app, so you can make entries into your journal at any time. No excuses!

If I could make one feature request it would be to have a graphical breakdown of what percentage of my diet was protein, carbs and fat. This is one thing that CalorieKing and Daily Burn both had that I found very helpful. However, it does break down nutrients by numbers, so with a little math, I could figure out the percentages on my own.

Here’s some screenshots:


New Recipe:

I’m back to trying new recipes. This week I made enchiladas from this recipe. I’ll also type it here, because one of my pet peeves is having to click to another site to read a recipe. Fastest Ever Enchiladas From: Ingrid Hoffman via Food Network Ingredients

Salsa: • 1 (14-ounce) can diced tomatoes with chiles, drained • 2 scallions, light green and white parts only, finely chopped • 1 jalapeno, seeded, deveined, and finely chopped • 1/2 cup finely chopped cilantro leaves • 1 lime, juiced • Pinch salt

Enchiladas: • 1 rotisserie chicken, meat removed and shredded (skin and bones discarded) • 2 cups grated Cheddar • 1 cup sour cream • 1/2 small red onion, finely chopped • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • 6 (8-inch) flour tortillas

Directions 1. To prepare the salsa: Combine the tomatoes, scallions, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime juice in a mixing bowl.

2. Add a healthy pinch of salt and set aside at room temperature until ready to cook the enchiladas.

3. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a 9 by 13-inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.

4. To prepare the enchiladas: Place the shredded chicken in a large bowl. Add half of the grated cheese, sour cream, and onion; season with salt and pepper. Mix well to combine.

5. Place the tortillas on your work surface. Spoon about 1 cup of the chicken mixture across the center of each tortilla.

6. Roll them up to close and place, seam side down, in the prepared baking dish.

7. Pour the salsa over the tortillas. Cover with aluminum foil and bake until heated through, about 40 minutes.

8. Remove the foil and sprinkle the enchiladas with the remaining 1-cup of grated cheese.

9. Return the baking dish to the oven until the cheese is melted and edges of the tortillas are just beginning to get crisp, 5 to 8 minutes. Serve hot.

So, in true “Naomi cooking” fashion, I forgot to get sour cream and cilantro so I went without it. When finished, the dish didn’t look very "pretty", so I didn’t take any photos of it, however, it turned out to be very tasty. Well, maybe just to me...I'm usually the only one who can eat my cooking...

But give it a try; it really is a fast recipe!

Happy Friday!