My Handstand

Last summer, I had to stop running because I had intense feet pain. I decided to take a break from running but after 3 months, I was still in a lot of pain. My doctor diagnosed my problem as not enough stretching. So last November, I started to go take yoga classes.

It took me a while to find the right class for me. The first few classes I went to were mixed levels classes. I couldn't do half the poses in class. I finally found the perfect class for me - Jean Ives' Wednesday night class at Golds in Redwood City. He's a great instructor for beginners and has 2 co-instructors that help the students as he teaches.

Every week he has us try to do handstands. I always felt that I could physically do one but I have this fear of being inverted. So every week I would "sort of" try, but mentally I never believed that I could.

Until today!

With the help of one of the instructors, I did my first ever handstand!

First, I started in downward dog, moved my left foot forward, putting my weight on my big toe. I raised right leg in the air and the instructor took a hold of it. As she held my leg, I pressed down, really hard, into her hand. I used my left foot to spring myself up and the instructor guided me up to the full handstand position!

It was surreal! I didn't realize that I was fully vertical but once I was there, it felt so good! I felt so strong and proud that I broke through this mental barrier. This was a really big personal accomplishment for me!