my mortal enemy


look closely. you will see my mortal enemy. see it? its a squirrel, that i'll call rat because squirrels are essentially rats. rat lives in my area. i KNOW that rat knows who i am because for the past month we have had many encounters. the darn thing loves to scare the heck out of me!

we often play chicken - sometimes i win and yes, sometimes rat wins. sad, yes i know. sometimes when i see rat, i jingle my keys so he runs away; but when he runs up a tree, i run away. why? because i don't want him to pounce on me! you think squirrels don't pounce? let me tell you a story...

few years ago, when shari lived in foster city she was chased by a black squirrel. as she walked out of her front door and headed down the walkway to her car, she noticed a black squirrel. they stared and sneered at each other. then the squirrel starting to run after her. surprised, she started to run to her car (wearing heels). the faster she ran, the faster the squirrel chased her. when she finally reached her car, she jumped in and slammed the door in relief. suddenly, the black squirrel pounced on her windshield, still snarling at her. true story, not joking. wish there was a videotape.

my enemy better not get any ideas!