New Month, Fresh Start

Last month I took an unintentional / intentional hiatus from the blog. Here's a list of what went down:


After my IBS diagnosis, I stayed on an Elimination Diet for about three weeks then decided to see a functional medicine doctor (like a holistic doctor). There are several people in my trusted circle who have been treated by functional medicine doctors and in this situation I felt that it was the best route for me to take versus seeing a conventional GI specialist.

Through blood and muscle testing it was confirmed that I have a high sensitivity to gluten and dairy (what I already suspected), but also learned that I am also intolerant of corn and soy.

I was also diagnosed with a low-producing thyroid, low levels of Vitamin B/Folic Acid, and high levels of metal and microbial blockages in the intestines. It’s likely that my body has been in this state for much longer than I've realized and hasn't been absorbing much of the food I ate anymore.

This explained the constant stomach pain, bloating, fatigue, headaches, anxiety - the list goes on and on.

My doctor put on a protocol of supplements and enzymes. I've been on the protocol for about three weeks and am very encouraged by the small signs of progress, although I've been advised that the healing process could take up to six months.

Running / Training

In the weeks leading up to my diagnosis my symptoms were at an all-time high and hindered my training for the Twin Cities Marathon. Once I was diagnosed I decided to stop training for it and let my body heal.

But that’s not to say I've stopped running. I am still (thankfully) be able to run, just not the super long distances that marathon training requires. I've stuck to 10-11 miles or less.

My focus is now on training for the Big Sur Half and Berkeley Half - both in the second half of November.

As for TCM, I'm still making the trip to Minneapolis with Renee and Alyssa. I wasn't allowed to drop down to the 10-mile race so I plan to still start the race but drop off at some point during the middle of it. I'll still be able to have the glorious experience of running through the fall foliage around the lakes, which is the whole reason I signed up for this race!


As for the non-running part of life I spent the past two weeks on work "trips."

Although the first week was a short 20-minute drive into the City, I was required to stay in a hotel for the week which meant packing a suitcase and eating restaurant food.

Having to do that for two consecutive weeks while still trying to figure out what foods my body can tolerate was very challenging.

By the time the second week of travel (this time in Las Vegas) was over, I was so excited to come home so that I could eat my own food.

I also took advantage of end-of-the-month sales and bought this:


My old car was almost 10 years old and it was time for a new one.

I did all of the negotiations online and got a screaming good deal on it. It’s the first time I've ever negotiated a car deal entirely on my own and I’m pretty damn proud of myself for doing it! I even went down to the dealership all by myself to handle the trade in and pick it up!

Now that the page has turned on a new month, I have every intention of being an active participant in the blogging in world again. Please hold me to it!