New Year, New Look

Having an online presence has become a norm in how we connect and communicate with others, making our web sites and online profiles our "first impressions." It was a little over a year ago that I took the Girls Guide to Web Design course. It exposed me to just how much work and attention to detail is involved in creating a web site. It’s not easy! These days whenever I come across a web site, I find myself analyzing how its organized and built. It's made me develop a deep appreciation and admiration for those who do this professionally.

One of the designers I’ve followed for a while is Blair. I first came across her work when she redesigned Chic Runner. I really liked the colors and simplicity of her new look. Shortly thereafter, Blair also redesigned Twentysix and Thensome. Again, I loved the colors, as well as the use of fonts and how the content was organized to display.

I continued to follow Blair’s work and admired all of the web sites she quickly added to her portfolio. I also added her personal blog to my Feedly which has become one of my favorite blogs to read. I am so impressed with how creatively talented she is. I knew that when I was ready to give my blog a new look she was the designer that I wanted to work with.

I’ve felt a shift in my mindset that has put me on a new (to me) path of personal development. My horizons are being broadened and my views on certain things are being reframed. While I still love my old interests, I’m also discovering new ones that I know I'll want to write about here. I felt it was time to give this old site a new look.

So when Blair starting taking on new projects, I added myself to her queue. We started working on a new look for my site last November and completed it in December.


I am so pleased with this new design! It looks clean, organized and nicely incorporates all of the elements and widgets that I wanted included.

And Blair was so easy to work with! I’m not the best when it comes to explaining my “vision” of things, but after providing just a few examples/samples, she created a site that I love!

I find that having my own web site is empowering. It’s my own personal “playground” that provides me, an introvert by nature, a way to express myself.

Thanks Blair for bringing my vision to life!

P.S. To go along with my new blog design I decided to try something new and created a Facebook page for this blog. I’ll be posting links to posts there, as well as other articles, videos and readings that I find of interest and think you might too. Feel free to join my community there too!