nlcs - go phillies, boo dodgers!

today is my friend janice's birthday. she is the biggest and most devoted giants fan that i know. even more than me. i don't even compare to her. this afternoon she told me that the best gift she could get was for the phillies to win and oust the dodgers from the playoffs. the last thing any true giants fan wants is to see dodger blue in the world series.

thankfully, she got her wish. phillies won. jeff kent AGAIN proved to be irrelevant in the post season.

so now i'm watching the post-game show, waiting for joe buck to pay tribute to the st. louis cardinals, because thats just what he does. i have him on tape saying that when the giants clinched the nlcs in 2002...(rolling my eyes).

the clincher? these broadcasters keep talking about suffering phillies fans. are they kidding me!? suffering phillies fans?!? they last won in 1993! only 15 yrs! give me a break. try being a san francisco giants fan. we're still waiting. me? 10 yrs. janice - her whole life! happy birthday my friend, i hope we can celebrate in october real soon.

go giants! boo dodgers.