No Matter Where I Go In this World....

I'll Always Find A MAC Store!

Today begins my two and a half week trek through Europe. I'm here for business meetings. Its great because I've been working with some partners for 3 jobs and 7 years and will finally get to meet them.

I arrived in London this afternoon for my very first visit to the UK. In fact, this will be my first visit to many of the popular European cities. Until now, my international travel has been limited to obscure places like Helsinki, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore...

I took an airport shuttle since a taxi was $140 USD ! It took 2 hours to get to my hotel from Heathrow and by the time I got to my closet (er, I mean room), it was already 5:30 pm.

I'm staying in the Covent Garden section of London - in the West End Theatre district ("West End Girls..."). It reminds me very much of SoHo in New York City.

As I ventured out for the evening, the streets were loud and crowded with young people enjoying the Friday happy hour. I started walking down Monmouth Street and suddenly remembered advice that my co-worker friend Bryan gave me - don't wear heels! Most of the streets are cobble-stoned streets and boy did I wish I listened to him!

But then I quickly realized that I was staying in the middle of a major shopping area and suddenly, my feet no longer hurt! There are lots of little boutiques (which I love!) and lots of familiar stores too - one in particular - MAC! Can you imagine how happy I was to find it?!? The store was already closed but now I know where it is so can go back tomorrow! :) I also went to REISS (Julie's store). It would be safe to say that customer service here is quite different. I went into a lot of stores but no one greeted me or any other patrons. It was quite odd. I don't think they were being rude, maybe its just a cultural thing. Its also really expensive (1GBP = $2 USD); I couldn't bring myself to buy anything (except for a little surprise for Sparky).

So I started looking for a place to have dinner and came across a tiny Mediterrean restaurant called "Mezzo Cafe" on a street corner off of Charring Cross. I think I quite possibly had the most enjoyable evening I've ever had by myself. I was seated at a window table as "America the Beautiful" was playing on the stereo - seriously. Seriously! They played Frank Sinatra classics all night long while I watched the people in the street and enjoyed a delicious Mediterrean meal of prawns, followed by a decadent dessert of chocolate ice cream inside a Belgian chocolate shell! Guess I'm not counting calories on this trip! :)

Tomorrow I'm taking the red double-decker tour bus where I will be taking lots of pictures of just me, or of the point of interest. You know how it is when you travel alone. LOL!

I hope I run into Princes Harry and Wills. I'll be sure to give them hugs from all of you!