No More Pounds

I erased yesterday's post and am rewriting it because I found my plane tickets to Germany. This may come as a surprise to a few of you (a very few), but I overpacked. Well, I am gone for 16 days! I packed to layer and really had no idea what kind of weather I'd be overpacked. I found my plane tickets in 1 of my bags. And I only have 1 suitcase, 1 small bag (smaller than a duffle), my work bag and my purse which I sometimes interchange with a tote when I'm out all day. So yeah, I overpacked.

So Monday was my last full day in the UK. My meetings were in Windsor and Wokingham so we took a taxi to Heathrow, picked up a car rental and drove out to the countryside. Don't let me mislead you - I certainly didn't drive! Sonya was brave enough to do it! She did a great job while I somewhat navigated with the help of a tomtom. The roads and drivers are crazy! Not a lot of space, really small lanes and driving on the wrong side of the road and opposite side in the car! The whole opposite car thing made me sick. Ugh. They have these "roundabouts" with exits - "take the roundabout, turn left, 3rd exit.." - what?!? I still don't get the whole thing.

We first drove to Windsor, which is about an hour outside of downtown London. Its a lovely town! Our meeting went very well and we had some time to kill so we strolled through streets of Windsor. There were very charming shops and boutiques, with a few massively overrated shops like GAP thrown in. At the top of the hill was Windsor Castle. We learned that it is the weekend home of the Queen and its very massive. Instead of paying $30 for yet another tour of a royal residence, we just chatted with one of the staff. While there, we were able to see the changing of the guards. I'm including a little video I took. Sorry for the unsteady hand; I was rushing to catch it on film.

Next we headed to Wokingham which was about another 30 minutes away - the 'burbs! Our meeting went well and then had to make our way back to Heathrow. Because we had a 7 am flight, we decided to spend the night an the Hilton at the airport.

It was a long, long day but a fitful end to the UK leg of my trip.

UK Reflections and Things to Remember:

* "To Let" signs are posted to advertise available office space. Why hasn't anyone graffitied the sign to say "Toilet?!" :)

* Public Toilets are clean (for pubic toilet standards. They just have seat protectors and they have hand dryers instead of paper towesl.

* Don't be efficient and prebook a tour. just go to the open bus tour and pay for it right there.

* The chocolate belgian dessert at Caffe Mezzo is really good and the place has a really good vibe.

* The Ivy Club, where the celebs so and one celeb refused to pay the bill or something (Kanya West, Prince, someone. Anyways, the Ivy is around the corner from my hotel.

I'll prob have a few more later that I need to add so I'll add to this posting and add the Windsor photos to the London Album in the morning and will blog my Barcelona trip then too. I'm exhausted and can't think any more.

On to Barcelona...Cherio!