Now I know why Michael Phelps...

Now I know why Michael Phelps eats a gazillion calories (and doesn't gain any lbs). Swimming makes your famished! Lauren and I wanted to do some cross-training today so my Uncle Rich (who BTW, placed second at the Blackhills Dualthon this past weekend) suggested we go to his gym, 24-Hour Fitness. He had these passes but when we tried to use them, we were told we weren't eligible for them. After much negotiation, we were able to convinced the guys to give us a whole week of free passes.


Lauren went off to a Spin class but my right foot was still hurting so I headed to the pool. It was a long but narrow pool - longer than the one at my Parks and Rec and waaaay longer than the one at my house. There were only three lanes, but luckily, I didn't have to share.

It'd been a week since my last swim and it felt good to get back in the pool again. There's something about being in the pool, being in the water, that completely relaxes me. And even though I'm working out, it doesn't feel like it. The whole experience is very peaceful. At least it was during the first 15 minutes.

The next 15 minutes...not so much. I suddenly felt out of sync and the chlorine was suffocating. I couldn't escape the smell and my eyes started burning (even with goggles on). To add to the distraction, the guy in the next lane from me had to be training for a tri or something because he swam non-stop for almost the entire hour we were there. I kept stopping to watch his form - how he timed his breathing and strokes. I swear he only took two or three breaths down the entire length of the pool. It was fascinating.

The last 30 minutes went by faster and better. I got into a smooth glide and after a while, the pool didn't seem to be so long anymore. I was able to concentrate on improving my form (arm strokes, kicking and head turns) and by the time the hour was up, I was spent. And starving. STARVING. I'd never been so hungry after a workout in my life -- not even after a half! I got out of the pool and was very light-headed and so hungry that I thought I was going to die. I found Lalers and as soon as we came home, I was all about the peanut butter toast. Its been my favorite snack for the past week. I swear I had about 6 pieces after that workout!

Later this evening I thought I would test my sore foot and go out for a short run (and to work off the Papa Murphy's Cowboy Pizza we had for dinner). But we are going hiking tomorrow (yes I am actually going hiking, don't die of shock or anything) and I think my feet will appreciate the rest.

Speaking of feet, Lauren and I went into Portland this afternoon for some tax-free shopping. I found some lovely purchases, but this one is my favorite:


I hardly wear heels these days (because of my feet problems), let alone heels this high. But believe it or not, these ones are really comfy and I just love them! It didn't take a lot of arm-twisting for Lauren and the shoe girl to talk me in to getting them. I know its not a good idea to wear them with my feet having problems again, but its not like I plan to wear them every day...and I'm sorry, I just can't wear tennis shoes daily...I just can't.

Oh and two more things:

1. Tomorrow I get to watch my little cousin Riley play football for the first time! I think I'm more excited than he is! He got his new gear tonight which we just had to help him break in!


2. Here's your daily Chippy photo. He's become my little shadow. Literally. I can't shake him. And I've lost count of how many times I've almost stepped on him. But isn't he adorable?!