October Celebrations

Yes its November, so I'm a little late but you know what they say - better late than never!

We had a Halloween celebration/Jeff's birthday party for the family in the Bay Area. The little one year olds: Tur-tle-Girl, Yoda and Monkey-Boy got to parade around in their costumes. At least that's what the Big People wanted them to do - it didn't necessarily turn out that way. But they got their first real taste of what Trick-or-Treating is. If they thought Halloween was overwhelming for them, they have no idea what's in store for them at Christmas!

It was also Jeff's birthday so we had a little birthday celebration for him - complete with tons of desserts and candles! That would be lots of dessserts, and not so many candles. We were treated to a "Jeff - This is Your Life" photo slide show which we all enjoyed watching - especially the Joe Montana highlights at the very end!

Here's my favorite photos of the day -

1. Me and Sparky Slowsky
2. DJ - Jazzy - Jeff ...where's the Fresh Prince?!?

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