On A Whim


With six weeks of marathon training under my belt, I did something that I've never done before...I signed up for a half-marathon that's only FIVE days away! Okay, I actually signed up on Saturday, so technically it was seven days away, but still!

I found out about the Bay Breeze Half-Marathon from Punk Rock Runner, a friend on Twitter. We had both run the same trail on Saturday, but missed seeing each other. When he mentioned that there was a local half-marathon this coming weekend, I thought, "Why not?" I'm scheduled to run a 12-miler anyway, so what's 1.1 more miles?"

The course is supposed to be flat and fast, an "out and back" course.

So I registered for it.

I'm still a little bit in awe that I did. I'd trained 16 weeks for each of my previous three half-marathons, and now here I am with five days to go. Oh, did I mention that I have another one scheduled in three weeks?

Can I really run two half's in a 3-week period? I've never run more than one in a 6-month period.

Now I know that I'd already planned on this distance as part of my full-marathon training, but it takes on a whole new psyche when you attach the word "race" to it (at least for me it does). I'm excited, nervous and anxious, yet trying not turn into a head case, all at the same time.

My game plan is this: Just "run" 13.1 miles - not "race" 13.1 miles. There's a difference. The letters "PR" will not be in vocabulary this week. Its just going to be another fun training run...only with a lot of other runners. Oh and I get to wear a bib and get at medal when I finish.

What has become of me?!