On Living Well

Living Well was the topic of today's meditation. Now I wasn't going to write about my experiences with meditation until the 21-day Challenge had concluded, but today's topic fit perfectly with where my mind has been for the past few days.

"Examining all aspects of our lives—choosing our meals, the amount of time we have to exercise, or unhealthy habits that we long to change—will help us make those transformations, both small and large, that lead us to perfect health."

As of yesterday I'm 12-weeks away from the San Francisco Marathon. And like today's meditation topic, I've begun to make note of little changes that I need to make that will have big benefits to my training.

Throughout today I asked myself, "What does living well mean to me?"

Some of thoughts that came to mind are areas that I've already started to work:

+ Tracking my nutrition + Improving my running form + Journaling and meditating for mental training

I'll elaborate more on each of these things in individual posts this week. But I think that this is something that we can all ask ourselves, whether we are marathon training or not.

Here are some other quotes from today's message that I loved:

+ Centering Thought: "My little changes amount to big benefits."

+ Mantra: "Everything I desire is in me."

+ "An odyssey is a journey that offers new information at every turn."

+ "To create a positive lifestyle we have to cultivate an environment where positive choices are easy, natural and fun."

+ "Stop thinking in terms of discipline and self-control. Create a matrix of positive living, and live in an environment where the mind can consciously and freely choose the most beneficial things to restore and maintain balance.

+ "We are the stewards of our own well-being." < ---my personal favorite!

+ Question of the Day: What are some small changes you can make to support your healthy goals?