On the DL

I just ended a week of not running, and I have one more to go. After the Summer Breeze race, I limped around for three days. The pain in my lower left leg still lingered. It hurt most when I walked down stairs. When I saw Dr. Eva, she was troubled by this. My calf and achilles had cleared up nicely, so what was still causing the pain? After an examination, she concluded that I had Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Its like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, but on the leg. I researched it online and based upon what I read, it more or less fit the bill of what I was feeling. It especially explained the numbness I’d been having for weeks.

The doctor is treating it with ART, which significantly reduced the pain to practically zero. I could walk normally, without a limp, almost immediately after my visit. She gave me some front-leg strengthening exercises to do and prescribed icing and no running through next week. Most people would be bummed about the no running, but to be honest, I felt relieved. Being in pain all the time was not fun.

Being a runner herself, Dr. Eva really stressed putting in long cardio sessions at the gym to maintain my fitness. So that’s how I spent my weekend.

On Saturday, I did an hour of Spin. The class was a mix of hills and intervals.

After Spin, I jumped on the Stair Mill, you know, the machine where the stairs move. The Stair Mill is an old friend of mine. Up until a couple of years ago (i.e., when I started running), used to put in an hour’s work, 6-days a week on it. Its such a great workout and always turns out to be sweat-fest.

After an hour on the Stair Mill, I jumped in the pool to swim. I am not a strong swimmer, but this turned out to be a really good session for me. I swam freestyle for a solid hour. I usually get really bored in the pool with no music, but I was so focused on going for a full hour that the time seemed to fly by. I can tell it was a good workout because my arms, shoulders, and lats are sore today - the good kind of sore.

I followed up yesterday’s workouts with a Pilates class this morning. I used to take Pilates religiously twice a week, but once the instructor ended her classes, I hadn’t found another one that I liked. I really need to build up my core strength, so when I saw an early morning class scheduled at the gym today, I decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed it; I had forgotten how much I liked it.

I’m enjoying rediscovering all the workouts I haven’t done in a long time, but now that I am pain-free, I’m getting anxious to run again. Seeing my running shoes sitting at the door makes me really sad. I know the rest is needed, but I’m doing everything that Dr. Eva has told me to do in hopes that she’ll say its okay for me run towards the end of this week.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can get off the 15-day DL earlier than expected.