On the DL

So you know how my calf has been really tight? And how my right side felt a little off? Well, yesterday (on National Running Day no less) I went for my first run since that crappy one I had last Friday. Yes, that would be a whole 5 days off from running.

And lo and behold all those bothersome areas felt great!

So what's my problem? New areas surfaced that felt not so great...like my right foot.

Let's back track, shall we?

Yesterday morning I tried my brand new Core Fusion Yoga DVD (which by the way, I'm kinda in love with). As we moved through sun salutations, there were a few poses that were really hard for me to hold. Poses that I normally don't have any problems with.

My body was screaming and telling me that my glute meds and hip flexors weren't happy. Yeah, them again. Maybe my body had been trying to speak to me all along and I just wasn't listening? Perhaps.

Fast forward to last night. My coach told me run 5 easy miles. My lower right leg was feeling okay and I was confident I could do it.

The first 2 miles felt terrible, but this isn't unusual for me. It usually takes me 2-4 miles to warm-up and feel good. Both feet felt like they were just slapping the ground, and I couldn't find a good rhythm.

By the 3rd mile my left side felt fine, but the right continued to bother me. I could feel my glute meds and hip flexors. Not painfully so, but there was some discomfort.

Then, in the last 2 miles, my right foot just kinda went bonkers. It got really stiff and hurt to flex on the push-off. Eventually I moved to the grass on the inside of the track which made a huge difference (for the better) and I was able to finish the 5 miles.

Once I got home and took off my shoes, I began limping. 24 hours later I am still limping.

My friend Ron (aka Dr Punky) researched my symptoms and diagnosed me as having Extensor Tendonitis. I looked it up myself and would have to agree. Blah.

I've actually had this before, back in 2008. Back then the podiatrist diagnosed it as Plantars Fasciitis, which it is not. But the cause (tight calves) and treatment is pretty much the same so I know what I need to do.

Unfortunately, it requires rest, something I am not a fan of.

So for the next few days I foresee lots of swimming, biking (indoors), yoga and strength training in my future. I hate it, but hopefully I will be back feeling better than ever.