On Workouts, Running Again and Looking Forward

Last Week's Workouts:

+ I had every intention of getting back into the groove of things when I got back from vacation. But when I got home the weather was humid, muggy and hot. I don't do well in this weather and went into somewhat of a daze. I didn't leave my house for 48 hours from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon.

+ Wednesday was my first workout of any sort since SFM. I had an easy strength training session with Trainer Dave:

- 15-min warm-up on the rowing machine - 3-x circuit of: 10 regular push-ups 10 squats with overhead press w/20 lb medicine ball 10 TRX Low Rows * 1-min rest in between sets - 3 x 10 sit-ups on fitness ball

It felt really easy and good to sweat again, but I woke up the next morning feeling so sore. I would even go as far to say that my upper body and abs felt just as sore as my quads did the day after SFM.

+ Thursday: since I was so sore I decided to some non-impact cardio was probably best so I swam. It was only the fifth time I swam this year. In keeping with the week's theme of "keeping things simple", I swam in a 25-meter pool for 30-min for 1200 meters. I gasped for air for at least a third of the workout.

* On Friday I worked out again with Trainer Dave again. This time I spent a considerable amount of time on the rowing machine:

- 15-min warm-up on the rowing machine - 10 x 200-meter sprints on the rowing machine w/1-min rest - 3 x super set of: 10 TRX Reverse Fly High Y's 10 BOSU burpees

If you've never used a rowing machine, I dare you to for just 15-min. It’s a total body workout. I hate to admit it, but I kinda love it and plan to use it more often in the near future.

On Running Again:

+ On Saturday morning I went for my first run since SFM. The West Coast is in the midst of a heat wave so I got to Sawyers Camp Trail at 7 am. It was already filled with runners trying to get their miles in before temps heated up. I ran four untimed, easy miles. I had forgotten to wear a hat and didn't carry water (because who carries water for just 4 miles?) and was dripping oodles of sweat by the time I was done. My legs felt sluggish and heavy but as what I expected with the weather, and after taking so much time off.

+ On Sunday I ran four miles again, but this time I just ran from my front door around my neighborhood. I remembered to wear a hat and carried my small handheld water bottle and the run felt much easier.

Forward Looking:

Although I've been registered for a Fall marathon since February, I really wasn't sure how I'd feel after SFM.

Would I feel burnt out and need a break? Would I hate running and decide to retire all together?

Upon crossing the SFM Finish Line I unexpectedly got very emotional. I literally felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. In the following days I found myself feeling the same way I did after my first marathon - excited and anxious to train for another one! I honestly can't remember feeling this way in a long, long time.

I spent my 10-day post-SFM hiatus ruminating on what went well and what didn't during SFM. The two things that stuck out the most to me was race day fueling and mental training. I started doing some reading on both topics and I'm looking forward to practicing what I learn into Fall training and my upcoming races.