One Bad Run

What was supposed to be a nice interval run on the treadmill turned out to be nothing but a comedy of errors. I got to the gym, found parking (there always seems to be a lack of it), checked in and was able to snag a treadmill. All good for far.

I warmed-up for a few minutes, then started running.

My usual interval run is:

* 3 min warm-up * 7 min easy jog * 5 sets of a 1 min sprint and a 2 min recovery * I save the last 5 min for an easy pace but up the incline and run a hill. I change things up by alternating the speeds.

So what went wrong? Where do I even begin...

1. 2 minutes into the run I realized my shirt was inside out. Niiiice.

2. I rested my iPhone on the little book stand/shelf. What I didn't realize was that one side of the shelf was broken. During the first interval my iPhone went flying. I got tangled in the headphones and almost biffed it. Luckily my fingers found the "Pause" button before I became 'mill kill. Thankfully no damage to the iPhone either.

3. During the third interval the treadmill started shaking, sending my drink bottle flying off and almost hitting the guy on the 'mill next to me. Had to hit the Pause button again and apologize profusely. After that I kept the drink bottle on the ground.

4. When I finished, I walked to the stretching area and began to use the stretching apparatus. You know, the jungle-gym like thing that has instructions on how to stretch all the different areas of your body? Well I closed my eyes, gripped the bars and stretched my back. I opened my eyes to find myself being stared at by a group of toddlers on the other side of the window. I think they were mocking me.

All this within a 45-minute span.

On a more serious note, midway through the run both of my feet started to ache. I had worn heels to work today. Heels aggravate my plantars fasciitis so on days that I run, and days before a long run, I wear old pairs of running shoes to work. It pretty much eliminates wearing any stylish outfits, but it keeps my PF in check. I don't know what I was thinking today, I should have known better.

And to top it off I wore the stiff New Balance 1225's that I've been trying to break in since November.


At this point, I can officially say I've given up. It shouldn't be this hard to break in a new pair of kicks. So after 2 years I'm saying goodbye to New Balance. I'm on the market for a new shoe. Any suggestions are welcome!