One Last Thing on 2011...

I finished my last run of the year (a short, uneventful 3-miler). As I logged the workout, the OCD in me decided to crunch some numbers - rather shocking since I am not a numbers person.

Here's the 2011 numbers:

72 Spin/Bike Trainer workouts

43 Swim workouts

76 Yoga classes (!!!)

41 standalone Core workouts (includes Dailey Method classes)

40 Strength Training workouts

3 Other workouts (meaning the elliptical which I hate - hence the low number)

76 Rest Days

1021.02 Miles Run (131.1 more than the 889.92 miles I ran in 2010)


1 5K 1 10K 1 12K 7 Half-Marathons 1 Full Marathon 2 DNF's (a Half and a Full)

And just for the heck of it...

209 blog posts written