Painful A.R.T.

It's been a week since I last ran and my foot is still not feeling the greatest. Actually, both feet are not happy right now. The metatarsal area in my right foot that was bothering has improved and I do have a greater range of motion. But now the heel has started hurting. In addition, the bone inside of my left ankle is also acting up. I basically have a double limp going on.

I've been icing the areas and doing lots of calf stretches. In fact, I even put this post-it up to remind me to stretch.


This evening I had an ART appointment with my chiropractor, Dr. Eva.

She first worked out some massive adhesions on my right hamstring. Despite all the yoga, stretches and foam rolling that I do, it was still really tight and I actually heard "clicking" sounds of every adhesion she worked through.

{Adhesions, as explained to me, are knots and scar tissue that develop in muscles. When the muscle heats up, the fascia rubs against each other and gets sticky. If not properly stretched, the fibers can stick together, creating adhesions.}

Next she worked on to my ankles. ART done on fleshy regions of the body is painful enough, but when done on an area that's not so meaty is borderline torture. I found myself clenching my fists, gritting my teeth and taking deep breaths as she worked the area. She kept asking me how I was doing and I lied and kept saying, "Oh I'm okay" when in fact I wanted to yell, "Stop! Stop!"

Finally she worked on both feet. I'd never had ART done on my feet before and I was a surprised to find out that the treatment is a little different. Instead of using her hands and movement to treat the area, she used a wooden roller to treat the fascia in both feet. While it wasn't super painful, it all wasn't comfortable.

As the session ended, I asked her if she thought I had Plantar Fasciitis. To my surprise she said she doesn't think it's developed to that yet, but I do have some tendinitis going on and I am prone to PF because my feet are on the flatter side. I swear I have the worst genes...

It's been 4 hours since my appointment and I'm already feeling some improvement. That's the thing about ART, it's so painful, but it provides some pretty fast relief. Fingers crossed that the progress continues.