Passing the Test

After taking the past week off from running completely, today was the day to put my foot to the test. I had a super busy at work and by the end of the day I was so tired, but nothing was going to make me miss this run. I have been driving myself crazy with all kinds of thoughts:

- How much fitness as I losing by scaling back and resting? - How much weight am I gaining by still eating like food is going out of style, and cutting back on running? (I can't even begin to tell you how hungry I am all the time). - How is my foot going to hold up?

I planned to take it easy and put in a few miles at the local track that I always run at. But when I got there, I found a lacrosse game going on and the teams had completely taken over the track, scattering their stuff everywhere. I wasn't in the mood to deal running around their junk so I got in my car and drove to a "sort of" track at the local soccer field.

I call it a "sort of" track because

* It surrounds the perimeter of a soccer field.


* It has the same kind of traction as a regular track


* Its wide enough to be one lane (maybe 1 1/2) * Its square-shaped, not oval-shaped * Its .20 miles around, vs the standard .25 miles

Its a really fun place to run. In addition to the soccer field, there's a playground, basketball court and its right on the water.


And I absolutely love the grass; its so soft!


I went through a little warm-up and then just ran slow and easy; I didn't want to overdo it.

I can happily report that I ran pain free! Well, I take that back. I rain foot pain-free, but my thighs are killing me from yesterday's workout. But at least my foot past the test! I am back! Its a good thing too because I'm 10 days away from the marathon. (My fingers were shaking just typing that.)

But first, I get to run a 10K race on Saturday!