Pearl Harbor Memories

I'm still on vacation in Vegas for one last day, spending time with my friend who I haven't seen in over a year. We both ran great races yesterday and I'll write another post on the half marathon sometime over the new couple of days. But today, being Pearl Harbor Day, I wanted to share something special that I recently reminded of. Pearl Harbor Day holds extra special meaning for my family, not just because we're from Hawai'i, but also because its my Grandma and Grandpa Gomez's wedding anniversary. In fact, the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, they were to celebrate their first anniversary. As my family has been preparing for my grandmother's funeral taking place this weekend, and one of my uncles shared a transcript of an interview he did with my grams several years ago, of her memory of that day:

"On our first anniversary, from Wahiawa, we were going to Waianae to spend the day at the beach. As we neared the Waipahu junction, we saw soldiers crawling on the side of the road into the cane fields. They motioned us to go back and pointed at Pearl Harbor. We saw planes and explosions. We didn't understand what was taking place, but we did turn the car around and went back to Wahiawa. When we got home, my husband was called to report to the office. When he returned, he told me they were all assigned guard duty because of the attack at Pearl Harbor. Schofield was also attacked and we lived in an area between Pearl Harbor and Schofield.

During the day, when he should have been resting, my husband took black mulch paper and covered all the windows so we could at least light a candle at night, instead of a total blackout inside the house. Because he was one of the foreman, he was constantly on call..."

I think the attack itself has been pretty well-documented, as it should have been. But I personally, have not heard much of what the experience was like for the local Hawaiian people. I'm really glad to have learned this first-hand account from my Grams. I'm looking forward to going home this week to pay tribute to both of my grandparents and share more memories of them with my extended family.