Plate to Plate Run

logos_platetoplate_att On Sunday, August 30th I'll be running the Third Annual Plate-to-Plate 5K run!

Ok I admit, I had no idea what the Plate-to-Plate organization was, and I'd never even heard of the event for the first two years, but Matt Cain convinced me to run it. :)

Actually I want to run at least one 5 or 10k each month leading up to the Vegas race and the idea of crossing home plate in AT&T Park sounds good to me!

I'm not one to fund raise for anything. I hate it. I did enough of it in high school. In fact, the last fundraising event I did was the San Francisco AIDS Walk a few years ago and I only did it because my friend Brian drew caricatures of everyone on the team. I wanted one so badly but he would only draw one of me if I did the walk.


Luckily, fundraising is not a requirement of this race, however, I did set-up a site for donations should any of you feel inclined.

I guess I should first tell you about the charity:

"Project Open Hand is one of the Bay Area’s best-known, most respected and beloved charities. For more than 24 years we’ve provided food, nourishment and emotional support to people facing life-threatening illnesses. In 1985, our founder, Ruth Brinker, a retired meal service manager, began preparing meals for seven people living with AIDS. The first grass roots response to the nutritional needs of people with AIDS in the nation, Project Open Hand today serves men, women and children with any acute, critical illness – HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease and many others, as well as a separate program for seniors ensuring companionship and nutrition for our community’s elderly."

You can read more information at

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and support Project Open Hand.

And if you want to run the race too, you can sign up at The entry fee includes a ticket to the game; albeit an upper deck ticket...I'm not really an upper deck kinda girl, but oh well, I'll go with it.