Poker Face

Its been a really busy week and I haven't blogged at all, so before I take off to Vegas for the weekend, I thought I'd write a quick post. I'm not a big Halloween person. My friends will vouch for this. When they were all dressing up as french maids and genies, I would always show up wearing black with cat ears -- that was the extent of my costume. But since I'm headed to Vegas this year, I was told I "had to go all out." I agreed, only if someone else did all the creative work. So of course, Mikilani, the master of all Halloween costumes, came up with this Lady Gaga Poker Face costume:


She did all the research in finding where to buy the outfit components and finding YouTube videos on how to make the mask.


I ordered the outfit component ages ago but of course, waited till the last minute to make the mask and shoulder thing.


I spent all day on Sunday making the mask; I think it turned out pretty ok!


The shoulder thing was a whole 'nother problem. I had no idea how to make it and Miki didn't have any reference material for me to follow. During a WebEx meeting earlier this week, I unsuccessfully tried to figure out how I would make 3D paper diamonds out of card stock. My colleague who was in the room with me asked if he could take a shot at it, so I said, "sure go ahead." Lo and behold he came up with exactly what I was looking for! My next challenge was figuring out how attach it to my outfit. I am not the arts and crafts girl - I had to call for help from across the nation -- seriously! Conference calls with Miki, Chris, IM's with Wendy, and poor Belina -- I sat at her desk for an hour trying to figure out how to do this.




I finally decided that safety pins would be the best way; I'm going to wait till I get to Vegas to assemble everything together...and yes, I am hand-carrying this stuff on the plane.

As Chrissy observed, "This is is the most effort you have put into a Halloween costume. Ever."

A couple of other things memorable things from the week that was:

Shopping Soulmates So chemistry is defined as "the interaction of one personality with another." It is rare for me to have great chemistry with another person, but when I do, I instantly recognize it. Such was the case on Shopping Saturday with Samantha. We've known each other for years and have worked together at two difference companies, but only now have we gone shopping together. And our rapport was fabulous -- instant shopping chemistry!

We started the day out by working out at the pool. She's a swimming pro and I was so lucky to get to swim with her. She suggested some adjustments and corrections to my form that made a huge difference! After swimming, we headed to the City to shop. We had a plan -- boots for me, jeans for her -- anything else would be gravy.

Now I had been searching for boots for years...YEARS. Within 15 minutes she found the perfect boots for me. And within another 30 minutes she got the right jeans for her. Mission accomplished within 45 minutes!



I am so excited to have found my shopping soulmate!



About two months ago, I started the process to become a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. I was inspired by my friend Dodger Dan. Yes, as in "that" team (but I don't hold it against him, even though he sends me trash-talking emails). Dodger Dan works for the Ronald McDonald House in SoCal. He tweets updates from the House, which piqued my interest in the organization. I always drive by one of the houses, but really didn't know much about it. After doing some research, I was inspired to get involved. I sent an email to the staff and they invited me to an orientation. The only thing about the orientation that scared me was the 6-month commitment...its a really long time. But after going back and forth with the volunteer manager, we were able to work out a shift schedule that works for me. The application process took sometime, but I finally completed it on Monday night with my final interview.

They didn't waste any time in putting me to work -- my first shift was on Tuesday night! I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. I like kids a lot, but sometimes they don't always like me (just as Jasmine). But surprisingly, it went really well! I spent the first hour going thru orientation and then the second hour I was on my own. It was a little slow, but I had a great time with the few kids that were there. I will need to work on learning how to play video games...

Flight 1712 And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the 20-year anniversary of Aloha Island Air Flight 1712.

Brief Background: I come from Moloka'i -- small Hawaiian island of about 7000 people -- everyone knows everyone. Our high school -- 700 kids, 7-12th grades (about 100 students per class). One high school in a 3-island school district, meaning - if you participate in sports and extra-curricular activities, you travel.

On Oct 28, 1989, one of the planes carrying members of the high school volleyball teams crashed into the mountains, instantly killing everyone on board. It was devastating for our school and the community. My class lost four classmates. We were only 14-15 years old. No matter what age you are, you never forget something like this. And for my schoolmates, it probably changed all of our lives forever.

I always remember this anniversary. Always. Its also how I remember the Loma Prieta earthquake and the '89 World Series. All happened at the same time. I started recalling the time about a week ago, earlier than usual...maybe because its a milestone year. I didn't realize anything was being done for it, but yesterday, on the anniversary, I found out from my parents that the school dedicated a new plaque in their memory. My mom was kind enough to send me this picture of it.


Click here if you want to read more about this.

So that was the week that was...

Tonight I'm off to Vegas and really hope this whole costume thing turns out. If it does, I'll write a post on it when I get back. If it doesn't, you'll never hear about it again. :)