Pre-Race Prepping

Tomorrow I'm running the Bay Breeze Half-marathon so I'm spending this evening in, preparing for it. After work I went to Road Runner Sports and used my VIP discount to get a new pair of shoes! I'm so excited about them and will dedicate a post just on the new kicks shortly.

After shopping I picked up takeout from Citrine, one of my favorite bistros. I had the Jamaican Shrimp Pasta and the Latin Flatbread with ceviche.


You have no idea how good it was to eat pasta. I have pretty much sworn off pasta but decided to indulge myself tonight for a pre-run dinner. It did not disappoint and now I'm practically in a food coma.

So how else do I prep?

* Charging the electronics - Garmin and iPhone. * Printed out directions and race instructions. * Filled my fuel belt with 3 packs of Chocolate Outrage GU and Grape Propel in the water bottles. * Packed an extra set of clothes to change into after the race. And safety pins too - just in case... * Post-race food: orange, banana, peanut butter, bagel, and coconut water. Maybe some chocolate milk too.

I'm still undecided on what clothes to run in. Its supposed to be about 50 degrees at race time. It's an "in-between" temperature where I could go either warm or cool. It'll have to be a game day decision.

I think that's it! I'm turning in around my usual time to get a full night's sleep, then plan to get there by 8:15 am so I can pick up my bib and timing chip.

I still can't quite believe that I'm doing this on one week's notice, but since I have no PR or specific time aspirations, I'm feeling very relaxed - none of the usual pre-race jitters...just very excited!