Pre-Race Things

Most people I know don't like to taper, but I love it. Taper Thoughts

• I love the extra time. It's only 8 pm and I've already eaten dinner, done the dishes, and watched all of my DVR'd shows (while foam rolling of course).

• I love the sleep! By the time the last 2 weeks before a marathon roll around, I am usually so worn out that I feel like I can't get enough sleep. For someone with sleep issues, it's heaven! I've been getting just about 8 hours of sleep every night for the past week!

• While I don't like the fact that the final week of taper came the week after Thanksgiving (I really wish I could do more cardio this week), I have been doing lots of yoga, which has been good for my body and really enjoying the rest.

• The only thing that I am sad about is that I have yet to feel "rungry." You know, that constant feeling of being famished during the peak month of marathon training. Yeah, it never came and I am so sad about it.

I've spent the past few days:

• Working on my race playlist: I named my Vancouver Marathon playlist "O Canada" and have been trying to think of a creative name for CIM. But it's in Sacramento, and I really can't think of anything interesting so I'm just calling it "Run CIM." I've been adding songs to it as they pop into my head and will go back at the end of the week to finalize it. If you have any suggestions, send them my way! I'm more into Top 40, Rap, Hip Hop and 90's Alternative, but if it has good beat or inspirational lyrics, I'm game.

• Packing my gear: I've laid out my overnight bag and like my playlist, have been throwing things into it as I think of them. I'll go back on Saturday morning for a final round.

• Finalizing weekend plans:

- I have this amazing friend, Tina. She isn't a runner, but supports me in my racing habit. She came with me to Vegas in 2009 for the Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon so I didn't have to travel alone. She has woken up to drop me off at the SFM 1st Half-Marathon Start Line - mind you, a race that *starts* at 5:30 am. And this weekend, she is driving me up to Sacramento. There is no way I'd be able to drive myself back to the Bay post-race, so Tina is giving up her weekend to come and be my race support.

- I'm also reuniting with my friend Missy who is returning to Northern California to also run CIM! We signed up as a way to celebrate our birthdays (CIM falls just between both of ours). Kinda an insane way to celebrate birthdays.

- And of course, I am so thrilled to see my favorite Bay Area running folks. This is the first marathon that I am running where I'll have so many friends at. They'll be: racing (there are too many of us to individually name), spectating and supporting (Jana has graciously agreed to try and find me at Mile 20 to give me sustenance!) and even volunteering (Layla will be at the Finish Line handing out the medals!).

Which kinda just leaves my race goals. I have never been one to set race goals. My mantra when it comes to marathons has always been to "finish faster than the last one", even if just by a few seconds. But a few incredibly supportive friends have taken a special interest in making me see that I am capable of more than I realize and have encouraged me to expect more of myself. So with their advice, I have set my goals and shared it with them. If you're really curious about what they are, feel free to ping me and I'll share them with you too, but otherwise, just know that they are set and you'll find out post-race whether I achieved them. Or not.

Besides a time goal, my other races goals are: • To finish in time for the 49er game. Hey, they could clinch the division on Sunday; it's a legit goal. • To run even paces. • To not feel like death on the last 10K • To take less walk breaks • To fight the voice that says, "I can't."

Source: Uploaded by user via Charlene (Goo) on Pinterest

All week I've been looking for Runspirations on Pinterest, Youtube, etc. I'll share my favorites over the last few days before the race.