Presidential Physical Fitness Test

When I was in elementary school I dreaded the annual Presidential Physical Fitness test. You remember - the one where you had to do a 50-yard Dash, 1-mile Run, Pull-ups, Sit-Ups, etc?

Last week I watched the kid contestants on the Biggest Loser go through these same tests and it brought back nightmares.

You see, I was always the last one to finish. The kid that couldn't do a pull-up. The person picked last for teams. I sometimes still get anxiety thinking about it.

In hindsight, I realized that we were never trained to perform any of these "tests." Heck, we never even had to dress properly for it. I remember doing the tests barefoot in regular school clothes!

We might have gone through one practice round of the tests but that was it. After that one try we were graded on our test results. Then after the testing was over there were no lessons or trainings on how to improve to be become fitter, faster and stronger. How is that PE? Where was the "education" part in physical education?

The experience was traumatic and scarring. But I'm going to tell you something that I have never told anyone else.

I find a lot of motivation in those memories. When I'm feeling tired and want to skip a workout, or even when I want to quit one early, I draw upon those feelings because I never want to feel that way again. It pushes me to do that one last burpee; to finish out the last mile. {I know, I have issues, but it could be a lot worst, eh?}

A little while ago someone on Twitter (I can't remember who) posted a link to The President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test.

Because I needed to prove something to myself I did the tests this morning after my track workout.